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Letter T

Letter T

  • £30.00

One large letter T, but can you also spot...

Teapot, trowel, tiger, tortoise, 7 tulips, table tennis bat and ball, thimble, toad, turtle, 5 tomatoes, tapir, toaster, thread, tortoise, tonne, trumpet, treasure, tricycle, tart, turkey, table, trousers, telescope, tuna, tree, toucan, tarantula, tap, teddy, trophy, television, tawny owl, trout, tambourine, 2 tangerines, teacup, tea bag, 3 threes, two, twelve, tyre and 7 letter 'T' s .....

Signed mounted giclée print of my original painting.

Mounted size 12" x 12". (Image size 8" x 8").

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