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Letter B

Letter B

  • £30.00

One large letter B, but can you also spot...

A bicycle, bison, boat, bed, banjo, beaver, ballet dancer, boa constrictor, bagpipes, 4 bananas, bag, 4 beans, bracken, blossom, bunting, bat, baseball bat, bonsai tree, 3 bullrushes, bracelet, badger, battery, boulder, 2 books, bath (with lots of bubbles), backgammon, box, bugle, bucket, bluebells, 5 bugs, blackbird, bear, ball, 5 bees, bassoon, balloon, 3 buttercups, berry, bittern and 2 bottles and 4 letter 'B' s....

Signed mounted gicl’©e print of my original painting.

Mounted size 12" x 12". (Image size 8" x 8").

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