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Letter C

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One large letter C, but can you also spot...
Crab, cobweb, chipmunk, 2 corkscrews, 3 coins, caterpillar, cauliflower, cheeta, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, 2 chillies, 2 cogs, cocktail, clam, camera, 2 cucumbers, chain, cat, camper van, centipede, 5 letter 'C' s, chimney, 2 carrots, crow, cannon and cannon ball, clock, camel, cow, cricket bat and ball, calf, cockatoo, comb, cowboy, canary, 5 candles, clown, chair, crocodile, chess, custard pie and a conger eel...
Signed mounted gicle print of my original painting.
Mounted size 12" x 12". (Image size 8" x 8").

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