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Letter P

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One large letter P, but can you also spot...

A poodle, peacock, pug, pig and piglet, purse, present, pond, pie, 3 pea pods, pillow, pallet, palm tree, 2 paintbrushes, paint tin, plug, pirate, parrot, piranha, poppy, postbox, pulleys, pickaxe, 4 plums, pelican, paperclip, 3 pears, pineapple, puff adder, panda, potato plant, penguin, parachute, pheasant, pocket watch, plank, pencil, platypus, piggie bank, postcard, penknife, parsnip and 8 letter 'P' s....

Signed mounted giclée print of my original painting.

Mounted size 12" x 12". (Image size 8" x 8").

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