Christmas Gifts

 We have put together a page of ideas highly suited as Christmas gifts. The Christmas Gift selection will make super presents for young or old, teacher, parent, friend, relation or child ... cat or dog even ? These are just a few ideas, visit the shop pages to see more.

Click on the title links to take you to product information. If you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us either by telephone or email. 

Thank you. 

             Alphabet Letters                                                 Dog Prints                                                     Composite Animals 

           Alphabet Letters £30.00                            Dog Breed Prints £35.00                                        Animals/ Composite Art £35.00



      Art Prints for Children                                      Play on Words Art Prints                                      Table Mats 

Louise's Art Prints for Children £40.00                 Amusing Play on Words £35.00                           'Amazeing' Table Mats £18.00 


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