Now Available on Archive Quality Canvas.

Animals & Letters in a choice of sizes, printed to order, ready to hang. We have been looking to offer a premium canvas option for our art prints where the result is a beautifully made product that will look stunning on the wall. When it comes to art prints on canvas, there are many types of available where the quality is reflected in the price and  longevity of the image.

We have sourced a fabulous quality product on which to reproduce the composite animals and alphabet art, to bring out the colour and detail that won't compromise Louise's original illustrations. 

 As with all our art prints, these are beautifully reproduced and as close the the original art work as possible which we know our customers truly appreciate. 

The size options are super, going up to really large size to make a statement piece or small square to fit a smaller space. We did a lovely photo shoot showing some examples with photographer  Victoria Macken  and would like to thank the Brompton Bed & Breakfast  also. 

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Louise Tate
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